Assignments at a Glance

2nd Quarter

Week of April 17 - 21

Monday, April 17

Lesson 7.1 Presenting Yourself

Notes on handout

PowerPoint Presentation


Tuesday, April 18

Review New Terms

Create a Poster Using Terms


Wednesday, April 19

Review Components of a Resume

Format a Resume 

What is a Professional Email Signature


Thursday, April 20 

Personal Vs. Professional Email Signature Activity

Resume Activity to Format


Friday, April 21

What's a Cover Letter?

Practice typing a Cover Letter


Week of April 10 - 14

Spring Break

Week of April 3 - 7

Monday, April 3

How to Find a Job--Cold Calling


Tuesday, April 4

Practice Skill of Oral Speaking--Cold Calls


Wednesday, April 5

Want Ads - Abbreviations

Writing Want Ads


Thursday, April 6

Want Ads

NC Work Permit


Friday, April 7

Quiz in Edmodo on Work Permit and Want Ad Abbreviations


End of 1st Quarter

Week of March 27 - 31

Monday, March 27

Chapter 5 -- Career Clusters


Tuesday, March 28 - Friday, March 31

Project: "The Sweet 16 Career Clusters"

Week of March 20 - 24

Monday, March 20

Chapter 4 Education and Training


Tuesday, March 21

Practice logging into NC Ed Cloud

Review for Unit A Benchmarck Test


Wednesday, March 22

Review Procedures for Benchmark Test

Students - Self Review


Thursday, March 23

Benchmark Test - Mrs. Hayes, Test Administrator


Friday, March 24

Make-up Tests

Continue Chapter 4 Education and Training

Week of March 13 - 17

NOTE:  Chapter 2 Test on Friday, March 17

NOTE: NC  Benchmark Test Exploring Careers-Thursday, March 23

Monday, March 13

Numeracy Activity -- Calculating Wages

Presentation of Lesson 2.2 Vocabulary by students using their learning style


Tuesday, March 14

Review Time Card and Calculating Wages

Lesson 2.2 Writing Assignment:  Write a sentence to demonstrate your understanding of vocabulary terms


Wednesday, March 15

Calculate hours worked on "Time Card" and total wages earned

Complete Lesson 2.2 Vocabulary Writing Activity (Sentences)

Complete and print T.I.P. sheet for Lesson 2.2 (Study Guide)


Thursday, March 16

Lesson 3 - Career Interest Areas

Lesson 3 - Career Clusters

Review for Chapter 2 Test


Friday, March 17

Chapter 2 Test

Time Card Calculating Wages Activity


Week of March 6 - 10

Monday, March 6

Lesson 2.1 -- New Terms

  • job
  • occupation
  • career
  • full-time
  • lifestyle

Reasons why people work

Introduce budgeting


Tuesday, March 7

Creating a Lifestyle Budget

  • Use the categories and percentages on page 25
  • select a career of choice (no professional athletes)
  • select their residence, mode of transportation, etc.


Wednesday, March 8

Lesson 2.2 How Work is Changing

  • Outdated jobs activity
  • Students will be given 3 new terms to research
  • Present their findings to the class
  • Students take notes from the presentations 


Thursday, March 9

  • Continue Lesson 2.2 How Work is Changing
  • Figure 2.3 update the data to 2015 and 2020 


Friday, March 10 

Global Workplace Activity -- Business Card



Week of February 27 - March 3

Monday, February 27

Learning Styles-Types of Smarts Quiz

Completion/Make-up Crossword Puzzle and/or

Classify Learning Styles

Chapter 1 Review


Tuesday, February 28

Chapter 1 Review Continued


Wednesday, March 1

Test on Chapter 1 (moved to Friday, March 3)

Objective 2.1 What's Work PowerPoint and Notes


Thursday, March 2

Introduction to Budgeting


Friday, March 3

Test on Chapter 1 (revised)


Week of February 20 - 24

Monday, February 20

Review Personality results from previous assessments

MBTI Personality Type Career Match Activity

"Describing Personality" Crossword Puzzle


Tuesday, February 21

Introduction to Learning Styles (Lesson 1.3)

PowerPoint--"Learning Styles"

Handout Packet--"Learning Styles Notes"

PowerPoint--"Personality and Smarts"



Wednesday, February 22

Learning Styles Assessments 


Paper/pencil Multiple Intelligence Assessment

Study Learning Styles and their Careers


Thursday, February 23

Learning Styles Likes, Dislikes, Careers Matching Activity

Use notes

Fun Personality Test


Friday, February 24

Holland Code Personality Assessment

Synthesize Personality Traits (Writing Assignment)



Week of February 13 - 17

Monday, February 13 

Introduction to Skills, Abilities, and Aptitudes

Read Lesson 1.2

Take notes on the 2-column notes handout

Complete (short) online assessment on skills

Which Careers Match Your Skills? (Print results page)


Tuesday, February 14

Video on Obj. 1.2

Teacher reiterated main points

Examples of Transferable Vs. Job-Specific Skills

Paper/pencil Assessment (handout)


Wednesday, February 15

5 minute Bell Ringer Activity -- Review Lssn 1.2 Terms

Complete online Transferable Skills Assessment

Self Evaluation-Transferrable Skills (Print page 1 of Results)

Transferable Vs. Job Specific Activity (Graded)  - 20 items


Thursday, February 16

Lesson 1.3 Personality

What is "Personality?"

MBTI Assessment

--What does it mean?

Personality Pie Activity (Grade)


Friday, February 17

Lesson 1.3 Personality

Personality Fun Assessment

Online Personality Assessment - Holland Code


Week of February 6 - 10

Monday, February 6 

People, Data, Things (Graded Activity)

Introduce "Values" - PowerPoint/Take notes

Textbook:  Read and Discuss

Activity -- Values Assessments


Tuesday, February 7 

Bell Ringer - Writing Prompt

Online Assessments:


      Career Interest Profiler/Career Key


Wednesday, February 8

Bell Ringer - Writing Prompt

Matching 3 Careers With Interests & Values

Review/Study T.I.P. Page 1


Thursday, February 9 

Quiz - Lesson 1.1 (25 items) 

Affimation Cards

Complete Remainder Ch. 1 T.I.P Sheet


Friday, February 10 (Early Release)

Intro. Lesson 1.2 Skills

​​Week of January 30 - February 3

Monday, January 30 

Goal Setting -- SMART Goals




Tuesday, January 31

Bell Ringer -- Writing Skills (Homophones)

T.I.P Chapter 1 Vocabulary


Wednesday, February 1

Bell Ringer -- Writing Skills (Homophones)

PowerPoint Lesson 1.1 (Interests - Categories)

Paper/pencil Interest Assessment


Thursday, February 2

Create an interest "Shield" (crayons and colored pencils)

Online interest assessment O*Net -- 60 items (print)


Friday, February 3 

Complete and print 1st page of T.I.P.

Organize notebook